Box Section

  • In stock SQUARE sections from 20x20x2 – 150x150x6
  • In stock Rectangular sections from 40x20x2 - 120x60x3


  • In stock from 25x25x3 – 150x150x10


  • In stock from 21.3xc2.5 – 168x3.6
  • Available in self colour or galvanised


  • In stock from 12x3 – 400x12

Solid Round

  • In Stock from 10mm – 50mm

Solid Square

  • In Stock from 12x12 – 50x50

Plate/Chequer Plate

  • In stock plate from 1mm – 20mm
  • In stock chequer plate from 3mm – 4.5mm


  • In stock IPE from 100 (4x2) to IPE 220 (9.5X4.25)
  • In stock UB from 152x152x23 to 203x203x46


  • Weld mesh comes in self colour or can be galvanised
  • Ranges from 25x25 (1”) to 75x75 (3”)


  • In stock from 40x20 to 200x75


  • In Stock 12mm & 16mm Bar
  • In Stock A142 & A393 Mesh
  • We also offer a cut & bend service

Bright & Mild Steel

  • In stock from 25m to 50m

Why Choose us?

Tile Effect cladding

Midland Cladding now manufactures Tile Effect cladding using our latest roll former.

Similar in appearance to traditional Irish made concrete roof tile but longer lasting. It comes in a choice of PVC or polyester coating with a wide variety of colours manufactured from 0.7mm heavy gauge galvanised steel.

An optional non-drip barrier (anti-condensation membrane) can be applied to underside of the sheet