At Midland Cladding & Steel Services Ltd, where we have had many years of experience in manufacturing sheds, we supply everything that is needed to erect a shed even down to the last bolt.

We can manufacture the shed ready to erect for you or supply you with all the components cut and ready to weld.

We would be most happy to work to your specifications or even design the shed for you to meet your requirements.

Please don't hesitate to call us for a competitive quote.

Why Choose us?

Tile Effect cladding

Midland Cladding now manufactures Tile Effect cladding using our latest roll former.

Similar in appearance to traditional Irish made concrete roof tile but longer lasting. It comes in a choice of PVC or polyester coating with a wide variety of colours manufactured from 0.7mm heavy gauge galvanised steel.

An optional non-drip barrier (anti-condensation membrane) can be applied to underside of the sheet